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Flim Flam Candles- Hanging Carved Ball Candles

Our carved ball candles can be used with our lovely flame retarding macramé hanger that forms a cradle for the candle to sit in.

The ball candle is carved and when burning will glow through the cuts.

They can also be ordered in pastels for example light black=gray, light red=pink. We also have rainbows and earthtones. Rainbows are five stripes of colors, light peach to blue or light blue to peach. Earthtones are warm browns with yellow, blue, green, purple, or mauve glow in the center.

Flim Flam Candles-Hanging Carved Ball Candles

Rainbow Colors
Rainbow colors are five stirpes of colors
with the following core colors.
Earth Tones
Earthtones are warm browns with yellow
and the following colors glow in the center


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