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Flim Flam Candles

Carved Ball CandleOur candles are made with a combination of two types of wax which allows the candle to form a well and burn in the center .This hallowing of the candle allows the outside to remain unharmed.

Once your candle has been hallowed out, you can place a votive or tea light inside for continued use.

Flim Flam Candles-Shell CandlesWhen burning, our candles create a transparent glow. Candles that are
carved will glow through the cuts. Our solid styles will allow theentire candle to glow. Each style is different, but all create a warm ambiance to any room.

To insure proper burning of our candles always keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" and make sure the wick is straight, don't burn the candle in a draft. To assist you in achieving the best burning results with our candles each one comes with complete burning and care instructions.

Flim Flam Candles- Shell Candle

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